Sivakumar K


On behalf of the Management & Staff of CITPL, let me welcome you to our website.

We hope that this website will be a good information resource and medium of communication to all our clients and port users.

From this medium, you would be able to get more information on the terminal services, infrastructure and link up with us to clarify your queries. You would also be able to navigate to some of the relevant websites to gain further information on the required business transactions.

Our parent company PSA International is one of the leading global port groups which participates in port projects across Asia, Europe and the Americas with flagship operations in PSA Singapore and PSA Antwerp. CITPL is proud to offer our customers similar professionalism and service levels that our clients are accustomed to in our other sister terminals managed by PSAI.

PSA India has also enlarged its footprint in India with 2 new projects in Mumbai and Kolkata to complement PSAI’s current involvement in Chennai and Tuticorin

CITPL is equipped with 7 Super Post Panamax Quay Cranes capable of handling twin lift containers up to 65 tons, 18 RTGs and 6 Reachstackers to support the terminal operations. Reefer facilities were further increased in 2013 to 306 RF plug points

CITPL remains the only terminal in Chennai today that has on-dock rail siding within its premises “thereby offering seamless rail service to its customers” for both Imports & Exports.

The above facilities also offers CITPL as an alternate and cost effective gateway port of call for Indian cargo from the Northern, Western & Central regions going to and coming from the Far East.

With the above infrastructure, CITPL can handle up to 1.25 million TEUs annually and is well placed to grow further in this region, through our customer oriented and premier services levels.

With a strong and focused management team in place, we are continually engaging the trade, authorities, customers and our partners in the long term development of Chennai port and hope that this website will be a useful introductory medium for you to gain a better understanding of PSA’s Chennai terminal.

Yours sincerely
Sivakumar K