Download Oracle Application Here
Are you one of the user who encountered with the following while trying to access our application online ?
  1. The application link keeps on loading but only blank screen is available
  2. Your Internet explorer stops working
  3. You get a error message like
This is all because, PSA CITPL application uses java based applets and it requires some supporting software/files to be installed before it can be accessed.

Where to get the software ?

The required software can be downloaded from the link given below
Click on the Download button to download the file.

Prerequisites for installation:
  1. The user should be an administrator or should have the rights to install software/write permission on system folder.
  2. Check for the firewall blocking.
  3. Give exclusion for the java files in your antivirus program.
Please check with your IT administrator for the above requirements.

Installing the software:
  1. Extract the files from using application like WinZip/winrar. In windows the file can be extracted without these application also.
  2. Click on the Extract all files and save the files to the desired location ex: desktop.
  3. Now , double click on the Jinit.exe file and then finish the installation. Just click next button and don’t change any settings.
  4. Now copy the JVM.dll file and paste it in the following path.
    C:\ Program Files\Oracle\Jinitiator\bin\hotspot\
  5. The said path will be containing a jvm.dll file already. Just right click on the window and select paste. A dialog box will appear, select copy and replace.
  6. After this check the size of jvm.dll file. It should be 2.2MB.
  7. Then copy the msvcr71.dll file and paste it in the following location
  8. Run the Recommended URL in Internet Explorer.
  9. For the first time, it will prompt for the add-ons. Click on it and select run.
  10. Login with authenticated User name and Password.
  11. Entering incorrect User name and Password more than Three times account will be Disabled. Contact CITPL for reset password.
  12. Disable the pop-up blocker in your Internet explorer to get the reports from our application. uncheck the Turn on Pop-Blocker option. Click on ToolsInternet options in Internet explorer to get the below dialog box

After following the instruction given in the document precisely. you must have been able to solve the issue on ease. If you still have any queries please feel free to contact us

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